Itou Takahisa (伊東 鷹久) was the sickly older child of a pair of twin brothers. His younger brother Itou Kamotarou was a healthy child, who excelled in both the literary and martial arts, earning the nickame of 'gifted child'. Itou's mother blamed him for his older brother's condition as Itou was healthy.


Takahisa was the older of a pair of twin brothers. His younger brother was Kamotarou. Takahisa was a sickly child, and his mother blamed his brother for Takahisa's condition as Kamotarou was healthy. In response, his brother strived for excellence in everything in he did, yearning for recognition and acceptance that he did not receive from his family.

However, by excelling in both the literary and martial arts, he earned the nickname of 'gifted child' and the jealousy of people around him, and was ostracized even further as a result. He eventually grew up cynical towards human relations, hiding his own loneliness underneath a show of competence and strength.

Takahisa died at some point prior the storyline of Gintama.


  • The manga author's choice of the names for the 2 brothers is noteworthy. Itou Takahisa's name has the kanji character 'eagle' while Itou Kamotarou's name has the kanji character 'duck' in it. The almost antithetical connotations of the 2 birds are hard to miss.

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