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Inoue is the leader of the gang Kagura joined when she first came to earth. Inoue found Kagura and he knew in an instant that she is a descendant of the Yato clan so he offered to give her food in exchange for the services that Kagura would provide for him, which was to fight other gangs that were competing with Inoue's own gang, Punch Perm. Kagura found out later that she was fooled by Inoue and she later left the group after beating Inoue and shaving his afro. Afterwards, she became a member of the Yorozuya. Inoue appears wearing a pair of sunglasses and an afro, the trademark of his gang.


Inoue is a man of medium height. On his head is a giant dark afro. Eyes covers orange sunglasses, and the nose has a little narrow. It also has a sunken cheekbones and square jaw.

She dresses in purple yukata decorated with orange flowers - in the anime is their much less than in the manga. It is limited to only a few items at the end of the outfit. Yukata is tied with a dark belt so that it reveals almost the entire chest. At the foot assumes the flip.


Inoue as the head of the gang is a man of cruel and unpredictable. Advantage of the naivety and appetite Kagura [1] , because looking killing machines, and a member of the clan Yato great for this broadcast. He does not care about his people, and easily gets angry - hit one of the employees, because he could not catch the girl. [2] does not know the value of human life and is indifferent to what happens with the other - dumps Kagura and Shinpachiego on track, because it does not longer wanted to work for him. It turns out, however, that his subordinates are not utterly devoted to him, and he is neither powerful nor brave



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