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Imai Nobume
Name: 今井信女
Romaji: Imai Nobume
English: Imai Nobume
Date of Birth:
Age: 18
Titles: Mukuro, Nobutasu
Also known as:
Physical Features
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Dark crimson
Hair Color: Dark blue
Status: Alive
Professional Status
Affiliations: Mimawarigumi
Occupations: Mimawarigumi Vice Captain
Strong Points: Donut
First Appearances
Episode: Episode 245
Voice Actors
Japanese VA: Hirano Aya
English VA:
""Time for the last stage, huh? I won't let you hog the glory. The last bite of a donut is always the best."
Imai Nobume

Imai Nobume (今井信女,Nobume Imai) is a female member and a part of the assassination unit of the Mimawarigumi. She is also the vice captain of the Mimawarigumi, which gives her a relatively huge role in the Baragaki Arc, in which she appeared as the secondary main antagonist.


Not much is known about Nobume's origin as she was taken in as a orphan by the Tendoshu at very young age and got raised by the Naraku Faction to train to be a professional assassin for them. She was eventually named one of the Naraku top Three assasins. When Yoshida Shouyou was in jail, Nobume acted as his guard, and during this time Shouyou taught her about knowledge and emotions in which Nobume was lacking.

In time, Nobume meets Sasaki Isaburou as she together with some other Naraku trained children were to be used by him in whatever way he liked. In truth, they were actually going to be used to assasinate the Hitotsubashi family. However, Sasaki disobeyed this order in which resulted with Oboro punishing him for betraying them. The punishment was for Nobume to kill both his wife and his just born-child and thereafter Sasaki himself. Nobume carried out the assassination of the wife and child right before Sasaki's eyes. This resulted in a furious Sasaki trying to kill her but after seeing tears falling from her face he hesitated. Claiming that the reason why she didn't assassinate Sasaki as well was because she wanted to fight her own weakness and her fragile self in which was something that Yoshida had taught her a time ago. Ready to accept her punshiment Sasaki stops his tracks claiming that she has a duty to carry out for him and until the time that his goal will be in reach he would have her kill him claiming that would be his revenge againts himself for his lack of power for not being able to save his family. Sasaki then takes Nobume in for his duties and changed her given name "Mukuro" to "Nobume" in which was the name of his deceased child.


Nobume is a young woman with a triangular face with inmates in her dark red eyes. She has long dark blue hair, evenly trimmed bangs and two shorter, rectangular strands falling on his face.

She is normally seen wearing a typical Mimawarigumi uniform. Under the neck has a white long scarf draped white suit with a collar, decorated with gold buttons on her shoulders, and the front rectangular brackets folded cuffs. Her uniform coat is a long trench coat extending to her ankles, while below was cut in half .She is also wearing a black colored belt with a silver buckle. She is seen wearing blue half-thigh shorts rather than the typical Mimawarigumi's long pants, she also wears the same colored socks decorated with white thread which form two X's on each side. She also wears the Mimawariguri uniformed boots.

During her childhood she had the same trimmed hair as she does albeit much shorter. She's also seen wearing a kimono and the Yatagarasu's uniform. After she was picked up by Sasaki she wore an outfit similar to Katsura's when he was a kid , and tied her hair up into a ponytail.

Nobume has a Yatagarasu tattoo behind her neck, which is constantly covered by her long hair.


Nobume is shown to be emotionless in both her facial expression and speech, as she was trained to be a professional assassin. She is sadistic and likes to cut people down literally. According to Isaburo she kills everyone in the vicinity once she switches into her assassin mode. She can seem to be a quiet person but can get pretty talkative if the situation demands it to. She seems to like to cut people who are knocked unconscious, to hide evidence that might get her into trouble saying it's faster to cut them up, which often results in either Gintoki or Tsukuyo trying to stop her, saying that her way is too fast.
Her favorite food are donuts which she is obsessed with, to the point where she uses violence to get them. She can also be seen as lazy at certain times such as when she has to listen to boring stories and conversations.

Despite being loyal to Sasaki Isaburo, Nobume has shown multiple times that she does not agree with some of the things her commander does..The first was when she allowed Rotten Maizou to go to Yoshiwara despite her commander's orders and when Isaburo has been promoted she voices her opinion that with both allies and enemies gone and they standing on top of pile of corpses that doesn't mean that they could call their jobs done. And when she was offered to try and seat in the commander's chair she said she would rather crawl on the bare ground than to sit in a place like that..She also seems to hate the Tendoushuu as she insulted them when they arrived to retrieve Nobu Nobu and later told Oboro that she will never serve them again.

Tumblr mgrjef2S0N1r8yrn1o5 1280

Nobume violent expression for donuts in Episode 258

Tumblr lzoqj0OYAr1ql5to5o3 500-1-

Nobume eating a donut.

Strength & Abilities


Nobume vs. Sougo

Master Swordmanship Specialist: She was raised as an assassin from a very young age, she is arguably the strongest female swordsman in the series presumably even more powerful than Kyuubei.Even at a very young age she was said to be immensely talented in assassination and is the best during her time, she was ale to successfully kill Isaburo Sasaki's wife and unborn child and the guards around her without any injuries. Her sword appears to be a Nodachi but it turned out to be a regular sized Katana while a small tantō concealed at the end of her scabbard. She uses a 2 sword fighting style. Kondo Isao has compared her to the grim reaper, every strike she makes is lethal and capable of killing anyone if it hits. She also has very high endurance,as she survived having a building crashing down with her in it with only minor scratches and when Utsuro threw his sword and stabbed her in the stomach she still had enough strength to continued to fight him along with Kagura and Sougo .She is also skilled enough to avoid a point blank would be lethal blow from Utsuro and hold him in place long enough for Gintoki to come in for a surprise attack.

Nobume is also very skilled in imitating people voices, like when she was voicing the Shogun, she is also a good judge of character. Despite Sougo's cute appearance, she was able to tell that he's a sadistic murderer just by looking at his eyes. She was also able to see the sorrow in Gintoki's and Takasugi's eyes.


Friends & Allies

  • Sasaki Isaburo: Her commander. After having assassinated his family in cold blood Sasaki decided to not kill her for it and instead having her serve him for his goals. Nobume, who felt strong guilt for her crimes followed him without questions. He seems to know anything about her, including how to 'lure' Nobume out from under the rubble after her fight with Sougo. Isaburo calls her Nobutasu. She seems to be quite loyal to Isaburo as she claims that she would go along with him if he decides to tag along with Takasugi Shinsuke.
  • Soyo Hime: She was ordered to protect Soyohime when the castle was heavily guarded. She and Soyo Hime are on good terms and Nobume would sleep with Soyo Hime whenever she gets scared at night.
  • Sakata Gintoki: Isaburo said that Gintoki's influence on Nobume has started to change her. In the end she even went against her commanders orders, allowing Rotten Maizou to go to Yoshiwara. The two of them had showned to have an unusual ability to sink perfectly with each other every time they are seen together despite being strangers.(I.E. the time they knocked out the shogun they were both ready to run away and both of them was able to fool Sada Sada with their puppet act. And she and Tsukuyo were able to notice Gintoki's signal and run beside the wall to distract the guards from the machine gun turret long enough for Gintoki to move in for the kill. She is also the only one who noticed Gintoki was alive after Utsuro's cannon attack and stabbed his foot for Gintoki to come in for a surprise attack.)
  • Kagura: They seem to have a close friendship and same rivalry with Sougo. Shinpachi notes that she and Kagura alongside Soyo Hime are the "Sisterhood Sadist Three". In the Farewell, Shinsegumi arc Kagura tried to convice her to stop her fighting because she believed it was not what Nobume really desired in her heart after seeing her tears. Nobume also saves Kagura from a sword that was thrown by Utsuro, getting injured in the process.
  • Yoshida Shouyou: Gintoki's master. During his time before his first student was forced to execute him, Nobume secretly went to his cell and spent her time with him. With the help of his wisdom, this led Nobume seemingly and shortly develop her emotions.


  • Oboro: Nobume knows Oboro from her past, as they were both part of the Naraku. Even before Oboro revealed his face to the rebels, Nobume knew it was him when she infiltrated Tokugawa Sada Sada's palace. She possesses extensive knowledge about Oboro's combat skills as well as his position in the Naraku. Later Oboro called Nobume by her former name Mukuro and reminded her of her past as one of the Naraku Three. During their last conversation, Oboro implied that, because Nobume decided to side with Takasugi, one of them is going to die the next time they meet.


  • Okita Sougo: Nobume and Sougo are rivals. They fought each other when a fight between the Shinsengumi and the Mimawarigumi broke out. Though due to their sadistic similarities, they completely ignored the point of the fight and merely wished to fight each other to the death.


Baragaki Arc

She first appeared in the Mimawarigumi arc when Sasaki Tetsunosuke was captured by the "Check it Out gang". When Hijikata Toushirou tried to draw out his sword, Nobume instantly prepared for an attack until Okita Sougo intervened.

She was killing the gang members in the abandoned buildings until she was stopped by Sougou, who realized that Nobume was not after Sasaki Tetsunosuke's head, but after his. They were trying to kill each other until they had a S&M competition using the gang as victims.
While Nobume and Sougo resumed their fight, it turned into a chase. Sougou kept dodging her attacks while running away while Nobume cut down the pillars of the building every time she failed to hit Sougou. When Sougou then cut down one of the few remaining pillars, he revealed that having her cutting down the pillars was his plan from the very start. Sougo left the building after it collapsed as Nobume was burried under the rubble. Though hours later Isaburo managed to lure her out, revealing that Nobume survived.

Courtesan of a Nation Arc

Her second appearance was when Yorozuya and Tsukuyo enters the Shogun castle, the castle was heavily guarded by the Mimawarigumi due to the recent Bakufu assassinations. Nobume was tasked protecting Soyo Hime.
While Yorozuya and Tsukuyo encounters Isaburo, Isaburo orderd Nobume to keep an eye on them especially on Gintoki. Gintoki, Shinpanchi and Tsukuyo tried to think of a way to get to the former shogun without attention and they they came up with kick the can game. By using the hide and seek rule, they can reach the former shogun. Rotten Maizou said its improper to kick can and suggested kicking him instead. Nobume who saw this will not allow kicking the can or Maizou but suggested cutting him. She decided to join the game but changed the rule into cutting down people who she'll find. Kick the can game resulted however, in Tokugawa Shige Shige's unconsciousness.

Not long after, Sada Sada wanted to talk with Shige Shige. Nobume and Tsukuyo pretended they were Shige Shige's lovers. Sada Sada bought it, but wanted to discuss with Shogun anyway, so Gintoki had to move Shogun around as if he was conscious through ventriloquism. When Tsukuyo asked Sada Sada about Suzuran the place guards came and arrest them when Sada Sada frames them for murdering the Bakufu.

Being sent in a prison cell with Yorozuya and Tsukuyo, Sougo came and ate donuts in front of Nobume where she gets violent and steals the donut alongside with Kagura. Nobume reveals that the guards from earlier were no ordinary guards but an Naraku guards. After hearing the truth from Soyo's bedtime story, Shinsengumi let's them out and heads over where Sada Sada is located. Before joining Gintoki, Kagura, Shinpachi and Tsukuyo, She warned the Shinsengumi that once they joined, there's no hopes of going back. Hijikata replied to her. Sougo, on the other hand, walks towards her and commented on her given state, stating that he could kill her here immediately and called her "Murderer." (Geshunin) which he and Imai reacts by drawing their swords to seemingly attack each other. Kondo gave a gasped, but then Sougo and Imai later shown that they killed two naraku Agents who is on the rooftop. She gave them a advice, saying that they have no allies in the palace and says that forget about being black or white, Mimawarigumi or Shinsengumi, and walked away to join Gintoki's gang, while Sougo watches her go away and giving her a smirk.  On the way, Nobume  and Kagura pretends to take Soyo as a hostage to able to go through the Shogun guards as Soyo happily goes along with it. Later on though the group breaks through the guards with force and enters the Bakufu castle. 

Photo 5 (16)

Nobume and Tsukuyo attacking the Naraku agents

Photo 1

Tsukuyo and Nobume protecting Gintoki

When Nobume and others reaches to Sada Sada location, she's sees Maizou being thrown to the ground. Nobume decides to help Tsukuyo and Gintoki while Shinpachi and Kagura helps take care of Maizou. Almost defeated by the Naraku guards, Isaburo and the other Mimawaragumi members came to help. Nobume receives a donut by Isaburo for good work but takes it in a animal way. While Gintoki plans to go after Sada Sada and Oboro, Nobume decides to go alon

Nobume cutting the generator in half

g with him as well as Tsukuyo.

Gintoki, Tsukuyo and Nobume were in three separate location while disguising themselves as Naraku agents. She was located at the ship generators cutting in half as the ship exploded.

After Sada Sada was sent in prison and killed by Takasugi, Nobume encounter with Oboro where it reveals that she was a Naraku member during her

Nobume and Oboro

childhood. She tells Oboro that she will follow Takasugi alongside with Isaburo. Oboro replies that they'll be enemies if they see each other again. Oboro ask if Takasugi and Gintoki were the same. Nobume replies that Takasugi will destroy what Shouyo left and that Gintoki will protect what he has left but that the both of them have both sorrowful eyes. 

After the event Nobume kicked the can thinking that it flew all the way to Yoshiwara. She let's Maizou to be reunited with Suzuran only going against her commander's orders.

Farewell, Shinsengumi Arc

After the death of Shogun Nobume became the one to arrest Kondo personally for his failure of protecting the shougn and therefore being sentenced to execution. When a injured Gintoki tries to stop the Mimawarigumi from taking Kondo away Nobume threatens him to not try go any further. She tells him up straight up that he should worry about protecting his own close comrades rather than trying to protect everyone else as well. Later on a one-eyed Oboro appears before Nobume and claimed that her works under the Mimawarigumi had pleased the Tendoshuu, much to her dismay. He then asked her that she could return to the Naraku claiming that she can"t continue denying her nature.

Nobume is later send out by Sasaki"s order to the Prison Island Tokihara Knowing that the Shinsengumi will not stay quiet while Kondo and Matsurdaira are planning to get executed, Sasaki use them as bait for the Shinsegumi to come and try rescue them. However, it turns out that Naraku Faction foresaw his plan and had already went to island to try assassinate Kondo and Matsudaira before their execution. Once the The Shinsegumi and the Yorozuya arrives in their rescue Nobume with her Mimarigumi troops and Oboro with his Naraku troops ambush them on the top of a mountain peak. Everyone then splits out as Hijikata heads off to Kondo"s direction while Sougo and Gintoki groups fights againts Oboro"s and Nobume"s group. Sougo engages in another personal fight with Nobume while everyone else fights of the rest. During their fight Nobume starts to ask Sougo about why Sasaki have to be the only one that has to suffer and why the Shinsegumi were still around. This leads to Nobume tells about Sasaki"s past and how he actually saved the lives of everyone in the Shinsegumi during a attempt of assissination againtst the Shogun. This though led to Sasaki"s punshiment for disobeying the Tendoshu. The punishment was for Nobume part of the Naraku at the time to assassinate Sasaki together with his family. However, Nobume killed only his family and because of her emotions failed to kill Sasaki. This led to Sasaki"s decision of revolution againts not only the country but againts himself. At the present. Several new Naraku ships arrives on the island as it turns out their plan from the very start was to wip out both the Shinsengumi and the Mimawarigumi in order to stop the spark of the revolution of the country. However despise the new threat, Nobume continues to fight againts Okita who asks if both she and Sasaki were planning to commit seppuku together with everyone else on the island. She claims that it was her duty to do so and that she had no right to question it either because of her grand guilt for have killed Sasaki"s family. Conviced that her final duty was to slay Sasaki herself Nobume sheds a tear of that thought. At that moment Kagura interferes in Nobume and Okita"s fight.


Fight Outcome Time it Occurred
Okita Sougo vs. Imai Nobume Loss Episode 246
Tsukuyo and Imai Nobume vs. Naraku Agents Interrupted

Episode 259

Okita Sougo vs. Imai Nobume Interrupted

Lesson 536-Lesson 540

Imai Nobume, Okita Sougo, Kagura and Sakata Gintoki vs. Utsuro Retreat

Lesson 542-Lesson 545


  • She is roughly based on ex-Mimawarigumi, member Imai Noburo. Imai Noburo had confessed that he was involved in the assassination of Sakamoto Ryoma with Tadasaburo and others.
  • Nobume share some similarities with Akame from Akame Ga Kill! They both were trained as assassins when they were very young,they both left a corrupted Government/Empire to join a rebel army (although Nobume is in the Miwamarigumi who are police officers secretly in alliance with Takasugi)they both would kill their assigned targets without hesitation,both are skilled swordmen and both of them have an unhealthy obsession over their favourite foods.(donuts for Nobume and meat for Akame)


  • (To Okita Sougo) "I knew you weren't a cop. You have the eyes of a murderer... just like me."
  • (To Okita Sougo) "Never sheath your sword until you've dispatched your target. Isn't that right, murderer?"
  • (To Shimura Shinpachi) "As a survivor of the Mimawarigumi, it is my duty to fulfill my mission. Also, I get to cut people up."
  • (To Tokugawa Sada Sada ) "The criminal here is you. All your crimes till now have been witnessed by me, Vice-Captain of the Mimawarigumi, Imai Nobume. Tokugawa Sada Sada, you're under arrest for the assassination of Bakufu officials."
  • (To Tsukuyo) "It's alright to cut down who I want now... right?"
  • (To Sakata Gintoki) "Time for the last stage, huh? I won't let you hog the glory. The last bite of a donut is always the best."
  • (To Oboro) "Isaburo said he would go along with that man's foolish dream... so I will do the same."
  • (To Oboro) "They weren't like him. One was trying to protect Shoyo's legacy. The other was trying to destroy it. However, they had one thing in common. They both had such sorrow in their eyes."

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