Hiraga Gengai 平賀 源外 is Edo's Number 1 inventor. Both he and his son Hiraga Saburou 平賀 三郎 loved tinkering with machines and robots. Father and son came into conflict because son was against his father's attitude towards machines, and thereafter left home to join Kiheitai 鬼兵隊. Unfortunately, as a result of his involvement with this extremist group, son was beheaded by the Bakufu government.[1] Hiraga Gengai's philosophy is that 「男のからくりは鎧・大砲・キャタピラ」 'The machines of men are Armour, Big Canons, "Caterpillars"[2] '.

Family MembersEdit

Hiraga-gengai mug
Hiraga Gengai
平賀 源外
Hiraga-saburou mug
Hiraga Saburou
平賀 三郎

  1. Sorachi Hideaki, Gintama, VIZ media, Vol. 4, Lesson 31, page(s) 173.
  2. This refers not to the brand name but to the generic term of caterpillar tanks, construction equipment and certain other off-road vehicles, i.e. continuous tracks vehicles.

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