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Hijikata Tamegorou was the older brother of Hijikata Toushirou.


When their parents died, Tamegorou took in his younger brother and raised him. One day, a group of bandits attacked their home. Tamegorou tried to protect his brother but had is eyes cut out. Angered by what had occurred, Toushirou retaliated and stabbed out the eyes of the two bandits. Eventually, Toshi ran away from home and joined Kondou Isao to head off to Edo. Before he left, Toshi went home to visit his brother. They ate dinner in silence at their reunion that night and the next day before Toshi left, Tamegorou asked his younger brother to continue to write to him so the two of them could stay in touch.


Only his head can be seen his black hair, face down usually wear a white shirt under a brown and dark blue trousers.


Although he was raised by wealthy individuals, it is very humble and respectful, no doubt do the right thing and is able to defend their loved ones.

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