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Hanano Ana (花野アナ Hanano Ana) by Kusano Hitoyoshi, Hanano Saki (花野 咲 Hanano Saki) (the name as it appeared in a news live report in Episode 45, manga chapter 108) is a news reporter from Oedo TV who has interviewed characters such as the Yorozuya, Katsura etc. She usually attempts to remain positive during her interviews but the frustration caused by the insane inhabitants of the Kabuki District often make her lose her temper, patience and common sense.

In the Dragon Palace Chapter, she turned into a senile old woman after suffering the effects of the Tamatebako aging gas while reporting live from the scene.


Black hair with 2 short pig-tails and black eyes, typically wears a blue floral kimono.


Hanano Saki's name is a pun on the phrase Hana no Saki, (鼻の先, literally meaning "right in front of your nose".)

  • She is one of the many characters to have been hit by Gintoki's scooter.
  • In episode 45 Kagura implied that Hanano and the news anchorman were having an affair.

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