Giniro no Sora is the third opening theme of the Gintama anime; it is performed by the J-Pop band redballoon.


銀色の空 果てない
短い季節 駆けてく



惹き合う力と ぶつけ合う想い
傷つけてでも 抱き寄せた
壊れそうな 君に触れて
視(み)えない物 信じてゆく

短く蒼く 駆けてく

俯き 逃したのは何の夢?

零れゆくような きらめきが欲しい
僕らは愛を 知りながら
辿り着けない か弱い光
夜が明けるのを 待ってる


銀色の空 果てない
短い季節 駆けてく

Gin-iro no sora hatenai
Furitsudzuku netsu no youni
Mijikai kisetsu kaketeku
Bokura wo nurashite

Nani mo motazu yuku kara
Tayorinai tenohira ni
Madotte shimau yo

Yande shimatta ame wa
Kono sora ni itami sae
Nokosanai de

Hikiau chikara to butsuke au omoi
Kizutsukete demo dakiyoseta
Koware sou na kimi ni furete
Mienai mono shinjite yuku

Mou nani mo osorenai yo
Fukinukeru netsu no youni
Mijikaku aoku kaketeku
Bokura wo yurashite

Douse nagareteku hibi
Utsumuki nogashita no wa nanno yume

Kobore yuku youna kirameki ga hoshii
Bokura wa ai wo shiri nagara
Tadoritsukenai kayowai hikari
Yoru ga akeru no wo matteru

Ashita dake ga kienai
Tada togirenu yakusoku
Kimi no me ni yakitsuketai
Kawaranu negai wo

Gin-iro no sora hatenai
Furitsudzuku netsu no youni
Mijikai kisetsu kaketeku
Bokura wo nurashite

The silver colored sky is endless
Is like a continuous fever
The short season flies by
And soaks us

Whatever you will hold
In the palm of your forlorn hand
Will end your bewilderment

The weakening rain
Hasn't even left behind
The pain in this sky

The power that draws you and the thoughts that you run into
Are painful, but embrace them
Moved by your vulnerability
I'm going to believe in the things that I can't see

I will no longer be frightened of anything
As if I was blowing through the fever
The short paleness flies past
And sways us

"After all, the days flow by..."
Looking down, what kinds of dreams are escaping?

Just as the stars will become visible and shine
We will come to know love
Without struggling along, I will wait
For the weak light to clear the night out

As tomorrow won't disappear
It's only an interrupted promise
In your burning eyes
There's an unchangeable wish

The never-ending silver sky
Is like a continuous fever
The short season flies by
And soaks us

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


  • In Episode 61 this is the ending of Benizakura Arc.
  • In Episode 67 to give a reason for Gintoki to send his bike to Gengai for repairs, the bike trips over a banana peel, rolls into the fence, and explodes.
  • At the last scene of opening, when everybody are sitting on the grass, Gintoki have "JUMP". On the JUMPs cover we can see portrait of person which looks really fammiliart to Ichigo from "Bleach"


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