• いちご100% ,Ichigo Hyaku Pasento strawberry 100% reference:
  • 南戸 唯 ,Minamito Yui
  • 北大路 さつき ,Kitaōji Satsuki
  • 西野つかさ ,Nishino Tsukasa
  • 東城 綾 ,Tōjō Aya

strawberry 100% (on Wikipedia)

  • 折笠富美子 - seiyuu in another series あぃまぃみぃ!ストロベリー・エッグ I My Me! Strawberry Eggs for 春日野道聖子 Kasuganomichi Seiko, いちごパン strawberry bread in こげぱん kogepan,
  • that's why Gintoki asked why it's not strawberry 100% before she appeared

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