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Episode 7
Gintama Episode 07
Japanese Title: ペットは飼い主が責任をもって最後まで面倒を見ましょう
Romanized Title: petto wa kainushi ga sekinin o motte saigo made mendou o mi masho u
English Title: Owners have the responsibility to take care of their pets until the end
Airdate: May 16, 2006
Chapters: Lesson 2 (3/4 of the lesson)
Arc: N/A
Theme Music
Opening: OP1 Pray (Tommy Heavenly6)
Ending: ED1 風船ガム (Captain Straydum)
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Some government officials get in trouble with an Amanto for not being able to find something. Meanwhile, Otose and Gintoki argue about the rent. The Odd Jobs go about their usual bickering when the newscast reports of more aliens. The door rings and Gin, thinking it's Otose, attacks the government official named Hasegawa Taizou who forces the crew to come with him. In the car Hasegawa and Gin discuss about the Amanto in Edo. Hasegawa believes they should co-exist while Gin questions it. He asks them to help Prince Hata, an Amanto, find his pet octopus Pesu. After seeing that the Prince is an Amanto, they refuse to take the job, but they quickly accept when Hasegawa offers them money. They ask around about the pet's whereabouts but without success. They end up waiting in a jar to attract Pesu and it works after a while. Pesu escapes, but the group gets stuck in the jar and rolls down a hill flattening Pesu. They bring back Pesu to Prince Hata and Hasegawa and are told pouring it in hot water will bring it to normal size. Kagura however, boils in a big pot of water making it grow large. Gin goes to destroy Pesu but Hasegawa stops him to fulfill his duty. Shinpachi is grabbed by the giant Pesu but Hasegawa puts a gun to Gin's head preventing him from saving Shinpachi. He tells Gin that he is teaching Prince Hata a lesson by letting Shinpachi die. Gin responds that he will follow his own bushido code and even if the country collapses, he will be standing tall.
Yorozuya Episode 7
He then kills Pesu and saves Shinpachi. Prince Hata gets angry at Hasegawa but Hasegawa stands tall himself and punches him in the face. The trio walks away after telling Hasegawa that what he did was stupid and will ruin his life (even though they were telling him to actually do it).



  • This episode is based on lesson 2; on the original story Hasegawa was not supposed to meet Kagura on this episode, but until Lesson 16 or Episode 16. This story was done by the only two yorozuyas: Gintoki and Shinpachi, before they meet Kagura.
  • The usual intro about the Amanto invading Edo stops from this episode and on, as "that world is too difficult to explain and the viewers should experience it to understand it".

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