As the situation continues, the Shinsengumi and company decides to follow the cult's law in order to survive their wrath. However, things change when encountering Sa-chan and Tsukuyo, whom both also have their gender reversed, sabotaging the cult's cameras and capturing several of their members.


Characters Edit

Japanese VA Edit

with this episode there have been a lot of change in Voice Actors :

Ginko Sakata (Gintoki) - Haruka Tomatsu

Kaguraton (Kagura) - Kōji Ishii

Gori-ko Kondo (isao) - Chiaki Takahashi

Souko Okita (Sougo) - Shizuka Itō

Akio Sarutobi (Sachan) - Kazuyuki Okitsu

Tsukiyu (Tsukuyo) - Takanori Hoshino

Gender-bent Edit

Akio Sarutobi (Sachan)

Akio Sarutobi (Sachan)


Tsukiyu (Tsukuyo)

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