One after another the team members of The Tsusengumi and Terakado Tsu Fan Club enter the finish line. Therefore the second round consisting of a quiz show, will be held with this two remaining teams. Yet, after Shinpachi got disqualified and Hijikata got eliminated, the rest is now up to the remaining members consisting of Gin, Kagura and Taka-tin, and on the other side of Okita, Kondo and Yamazaki. After mere lucky answered questions by Taka-tin, it seems that Shinpachi's team's about to win but then loses after few circumstances. Now the two teams are entering the second contest of the final round, a Glamour Showdown.


Hijikata becomes the first at the finish line. While waiting for his other 'teammates' to arrive, he learns news of how most of the other contestants are being blocked off by strange means, accumulating into Taka-tin and Gintoki crossing the line respectively. Hijikata angrily denounces Gintoki on using an illegal substitute and Gintoki brushes off the accusations. A depressed Yamazaki arrives wearing a Mohawk and tells the Vice-Commander to let the substitute go as their group has done something worse. Just then, Okita arrives off on the side in a cab and a panicking Hijikata quickly agrees to let it go. Unfortunately, just as Gintoki started to gloat, another cab arrives in front of everyone containing Kagura and Kondou, to Hijikata's and Gintoki's horror.

Luckily, Otsuu lets the cab incident slide and as such, Hijikata's and Shinpachi's groups are in the finals. The second contest is a question and answer about the idol; the contestants each sit on a slide leading to a pool of water and the slides are controlled by Otsuu. Wrong answer leads to their team's slides' incline increasing, a right answer leads to their opponents' increasing. When the game starts, Shinpachi (a pair of glasses) immediately slides into the water, shocking the Shinsengumi, Yorozuya, and the announcer. The real Shinpachi arrives, late due to struggling out of the river and playing catch up. He angrily yells at the announcer for starting without him and the other players for once again placing a pair of glasses as himself. Shinpachi is still disqualified and the game continues. Hijikata is next to be eliminated due to not having the Otsuu suffix, thus the two are forced to rely on their Otsuu-ignorant teammates. Shinpachi's group ends up getting three questions correct by luck thanks to Taka-tin asking to use the bathroom that is somehow the right answers to the questions. But Hijikata's group ends up winning due to Kondou's (having had his slide be the only one having its incline increase because of the other team) question to Otsuu luckily being a correct answer to another question.



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