The Yorozuya talk about their past years of the Gintama series and how they should end their final episode after defeating Takasugi Shinsuke.

The All's well that end's well versionsEdit

  1. The All's well that ends well - Shinpachi went to a farther place to hone his skills as a swordsman.
  2. The Alternate version was actually the Parody of Neon Genesis Evangelion's last episode.
  3. The Alternate version 0.5 - Gintoki becomes a baseball player and also the boss of  Shinsengumi ,Shinpachi dies in the final battle, and Elizabeth become a Cyborg.
  4. The Really, really, really Alternate version - Shinpachi became a snivelling henshin bishoujo Pachie, that made Kagura a rabbit mascot, Gintoki a Mickey Mouse, and Takasugi becomes... whatever.

Results Edit

The Shonen Jump Pirate Logo appeared to them saying that the anime must continue whatever the risk.

Characters Edit


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