Episode 103

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Episode 103
Japanese Title 長所と短所は紙一重
Romanized Title Chōsho to tansho wa kamihitoe
English Title There's A Thin Line Between Strengths And Weaknesses
Airdate April 24, 2008
Manga Chapters Lesson 162
Lesson 163
Arc Shinsengumi Crisis Arc
Theme Music
Opening Donten
Ending ED9
Previous Episode Episode 102
Next Episode Episode 104


Okita appears to save Kondo from the rebel Shinsengumi led by Itou. The Yorozuya along with Hijikata are also on their way to the scene.




  • Dragon Ball reference (more details needed)
  • When Hijikata was kicked out of the patrol-cak by Gintoki, he likened himself to being abandoned just like Yamcha on Planet Namek
  • In response to the above Gintoki replied that Hijikata is Vegeta - another Dragon Ball reference (more details needed)
  • Yamato reference - When Hijikata addressesed everyone on the patrol car radio to announce Kondou is safe, he used "Yamato", the name of a famous Japanese battleship in WWII
  • The use is 'shi' 氏 as a form of address is very formal, and possibly punning on the possessed Toushirou's otaku name 'Tosshi'. For more details on the use of this honorific, refer to Wikipedia Link

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