Episode 102

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Episode 102
Japanese Title: オタクは話好き
Romanized Title: Otaku wa hanashizuki
English Title: Otaku Are Talkative
Airdate: April 17, 2008
Chapters: Lesson 160
Lesson 161
Arc: Shinsengumi Crisis Arc
Theme Music
Opening: Donten
Ending: Sanagi
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Hijikata, now fully possessed by the otaku blade, begs Gintoki for help to save the Shinsengumi as Itou reveals his true colors.





Hijikata's figurine 'Tomoe5000's appearance


Anime Series Sailor Moon's appearance

Kagura papayacosplay

Kagura's 'Papaya' appearance


Sendou Momoka's appearance in 'Saint Dragon Girl'

  • The show on which Shinpachi and Toushirou participated in was called 'Otaku Summit' hosted on the 朝まで生討論! asa made nama touron 'Live discussion until morning' show - this is a reference to popular 朝まで生テレビ! asa made nama terebi 'Live TV telecast until morning!' started in 1987 that frequently discusses social-sciences issues until the wee hours. For more details, refer to Wikipedia Japanese Link
  • Hijikata's figurine 'Tomoe 5000'
    • Figurine resembles the character Sailor Moon, Hijikata's seiyuu 中井 和哉 Takai Kazuya is seiyuu for 浅沼一等 Asanuma Ittou in 美少女戦士セーラームーンSS 'Pretty Girl Warrior Sailor Moon SS'
    • Following from the above, Hijikata made an ironic reference that he wants to be an anime seiyuu as first choice career instead of working in the Shinsengumi.
    • The name 'Tomoe' is a possible reference to historical female samurai Tomoe Gozen, which would then explain the samurai sword being held by 'Tomoe5000'. '5,000' is pronounced gosen in Japanese. For more details, refer to Wikipedia Link
  • Hijikata asked whether Kagura's outfit is a cosplay of 'Magical Chinese Girl Papaya ' - this is a possible reference to the protagonist Sendou Momoka of 'Saint Dragon Girl' Manga series. ANN Link
  • The use of 'shi' 氏 as a form of address is very formal, and possibly punning on the possessed Toushirou's otaku name 'Tosshi'. For more details on the use of this honorific, refer to Wikipedia Link
  • Gintoki expressed surprise at Hijikata's use of ござる gozaru. This is an olden and very polite form, whose modern equivalent is ございます gozaimasu, and therefore very unlike the usual Hijikata mannerism. The only other characters to use it so far are Kawakami Bansai and Itou Kamotarou. (to verify?)
  • Hijikata mentioned that he is doing a doujinshi based on 'ToLoveRu', which is another manga cum anime series. The cover he drew is a 'replica' of the original manga's volume 1 cover.
  • The cursed sword - the name 村正 Muramasa is the name of the swordsmith who forged this range of swords. It gained notoriety for being 'cursed' due to many unfortunate deaths related to it. For more details, refer to Wikipedia Link.
  • Famous historical Chinese Generals mentioned by Itou:
    • 李牧 Li Mu (Japanese 'Ri Bouku') of 赵国 Zhao Kingdom, eventually killed by his own king. He is 1 of the 4 Great Generals of the Warring States Period. For more details, refer to Wikipedia Link
    • 岳飛 Yue Fei (Japanese 'Gaku Bi') of 南宋 Nan Song Dynasty, was ordered by his king to kill himself, which he did. He is acknowledged as 1 of the foremost patriots then and now. For more details, refer to Wikipedia Link
    • The irony of Itou comparing himself to the above references is that the 2 great generals were well-known for their loyalty to their kings and their country.
  • While escaping from Itou's men, Hijikata said he felt like his arms are being ripped off like Guts of 'Berserk'. Guts lost his left arm in the series. For more details, refer to Wikipedia Link
  • When Kagura single-handedly stopped a patrol-car:
    • Hijikata compared her to Arale from Dr. Slump, a powerful robot. For more details, refer to Wikipedia Link
    • Hijikata's expression is mimicking Ren Mihashi from Big Windup!. For more details, refer to Wikipedia Link

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