When customers Tama begin to ask advice, to Gintoki you would think that would be good to make a confession and charge for it, then start to get people across the city, among them Shinpachi who says destroyed the figure Ketsuno Ana his boss by throwing a mop, after confessing that appears Kagura was angry with her "husband" and tried to draw on his face as he slept but appeared a mop, which broke and ended up on the figure of Ana and ended Ketsuno nailed her body,

Gintoki refuses to realize that those were the members of Yorozuya speaking ill of him indirectly but who confesses that appears Sadaharu tried to defecate in the face of its owner, and some that made his friend throwing the slide Shinpachi mop, his girlfriend was broke and was interred in the back, Gintoki realizes that all the stories are related and seeth hate actually workers then Sadaharu still telling the story saying that the owner involuntarily up by hitting in the crotch and dropping him over a person who was passing by, and as it ended up killing decided to hide in the closet, Gintoki brings kicking Sadaharu the telling confessional take the corpse and threw it into the river, then, Matsudaira counting reaches sorry I was walking with the Shogun when a "hairball" fell on him causing both perdiesen knowledge.

Gintoki finally realizes that the corpse of the closet is the Shogun, and that's when Hasegawa appears saying him out of the closet in the living without permission and thrown into the river for no apparent reason, then, Gintoki is shocked when gives notices that the Shogun was on top of the closet, then it appears Sa-Chan confessed that lived in the upstairs closet of her boyfriend's house and threw an old river, Gintoki with nerves tip wonders where is the Shogun and because there are so many people living at home, Sa-Chan finally goes and says that when thrown into the river used his float, who the corpse of the Shogun.

Upon learning that Sa-Chan has the Shogun, Tama Gintoki asks to take it off and leave it in front of the police station, then comes Yamazaki saying Tama went to the station and left a Flan, becomes Gintoki mad with rage blankly as Tama did not understand what he said Yamazaki and asks to report that the body of Shinsengumi Shogun was found by them, and this says that falsify the mortuary message to incriminate Katsura.

Finally, the Shogun goes to confession and Gintoki how bad it is finished confessing him before the Shogun, then this tells you how he lost memory came across a man who is her new friend, is nothing more and nothing less than Katsura Now the Shogun will join Joushishi while not regain his memory. On the other hand the Shinsengumi arrested for being allegedly Gintoki who killed the Shogun.

Once Gintoki was arrested, it is disclosed in the news that the Shogun is missing and that this was the work of Gintoki Sakata, seeing this Katsura and Jouishishi will prepare a surprise party to Gintoki for their asana alleged, after this Katsura presented to the Shogun front of their peers as a rebel more and they are surprised but decided to play along.

Katsura preparing a series of arcade games for the Shogun learn about leadership from which the shogun victorious in all, humiliating and likewise katsura earning the respect of Jouishishi. Katsura ditched by his teammates decides to rescue Gintoki once infiltrates complains and cries for what happened. After this, the guards realize what is happening and the Shogun who recently knocked appears.

Katsura with the Shogun manage to get Gintoki room where he was, then, Katsura and Shogun decide to fight for their honor in a race to see who can kill before the princess Soyo, Gintoki warns them about it, but these go running while being pursued by other guards, in the end the Shogun ends naked but with Katsura reach room Soyo and that's when the Jouishishi and guards appear, draw their swords and amenzan to their enemies implying that all amnesia about the Shogun was lying.

The shogun tells Katsura that I wanted to know your enemy, to which Katsura replied that when they return to find either of you lose your head, then, when they are about to retire, Soyo asked to be quiet because Kagura, who came to visit, trying to sleep. At the end Kagura gets angry, absorbs everyone in the room, puts them under the covers and go away to spend the night sleeping quiet.


Characters in order of appearance

  1. Tama
  2. Sakata Gintoki
  3. Shimura Shinpachi
  4. Kagura
  5. Otose
  6. Sadaharu
  7. Matsudaira Katakuriko
  8. Hasegawa Taizou
  9. Sarutobi Ayame
  10. Yamazaki Sagaru
  11. Hijikata Toushirou
  12. Tokugawa Shige Shige
  13. Katsura Kotarou
  14. Tokugawa Soyo (cameo)


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