Every now and then, the anime tags on an extra segment or two that are from the manga itself or are there to fill up time, which sometimes end up having the characters break the fourth wall.

Season 1

Episode 2

Sarutobi Episode 2
Sacchan forgot to show up in the second part of the show.
Did you forgot Sa-chan?

Episode 3

Gintoki Episode 3
Not only a bankai, but Gin-san wishes he could shoot Getsuga Tensho, too.
I want a Getsuga Thenshou.

Episode 4

Gintoki Episode 4
Gintoki doing ping pong.
Ping Pong to Gintama.
Sorachi Hideaki Episode 4
Sorachi, the author of Gintama, has a few soliloquies about himself and drawing manga.
Sorachi suffocated.

Episode 5

Gintoki Episode 5
The class is told to open the first volume of Gintama while Ginpachi-sensei teaches them the meaning of "Gintama". But before that happens, the students address some issues like their own teacher smoking in class.
3rd Year Class Z Ginpachi Sensei.

Episode 6

Gintoki and Shinpachi Episode 6
In Kabukicho, with the rise of good-looking foreign hosts, Japanese hosts were going down a path of decline. However, this place gave birth to two men of blond hair and a buttchin... the enigmatic vagrant, Sakata Kintoki and the former No. 1 host, Buttchin Shinpachi. With the female boss of the Chinese mafia invited as their patron, now, the two men run through the dirty town of the night!! The new TV show "Kintama" starts next week!
Kintama new TV.

Episode 7

Shinpachi and Gintoki Episode 7
Why is this manga called Gintama again? Surely there's a plan behind it...
Manga is the purpose of Gintama?

Episode 8

Ginpachi Episode 8
Shimura's recorder was stolen and Ginpachi-sensei uses a few small threats to find out who the culprit is.
3rd Year Class Z Ginpachi Sensei.

Episode 9

War Episode 9
Ginpachi-sensei answers a question about the timeline of the war in regards to Gin-san and Katsura's age.
Teach Us!! Ginpachi-sensei

Episode 10

Gintoki Episode 10
Ginpanchi has no bonus segment footage in this episode.
There Won't Always Be a Bonus!

Episode 11

Otose Episode 11
Otose give the next episode.
Battleship Ayanooo!

Episode 12

Edo Episode 12
Gin-san gives a narration for... a completely different show?
Wrong Anime?
Gintoki Episode 12
Ginpachi-sensei teaches the class about the kanji for sugar.
A Bit of 3rd Year Class Z Ginpachi-sensei
Catherine Episode 12
Catherine is also Moe.
Catherine a Moe Character, Too

Episode 13

Katsura Episode 13
It's Not Zura, It's Captain Katsuura, Believe It!
Captain Katsura.

Episode 14

Gintoki Episode 14
Gintama is in Three Parts like that Other Anime
The fate of Gin-san.
Shinpachi, Kagura, Otae and Gintoki Episode 14
The Gintama crew hosts a cooking show and the dish they try to make is fried rice.
Gintama cooking program.

Episode 15

Elizabeth Episode 15
Elizabeth says What Are You Jerks Looking At?
What Are You Looking At?

Episode 16

Hasegawa Taizou Episode 16

Episode 17

Gintoki Episode 17
Ginpachi has nose hairs.
Nose Hairs

Episode 18

Underwear Thief Episode 18
The Masked Loincloth has a gift to give to the audience. Send a postcard in to receive it!
Get Your Free... Present?

Episode 19

Gintoki Episode 19
Ginpachi-sensei answers a question about Gintoki's kimono.
Teach Us!! Ginpachi-sensei

Episode 20

Hijikata Episode 20
Finally Got Enough Mayonnaise!!
Hijikata spiecial

Episode 21

Gintoki Episode 21
Stop going to the Cabaret club so often!
Message for SQ's Ibaraki

Episode 22

Sarutobi Episode 22
Sarutobi Ayame sings a song about her name, as well as a time when she was getting picked on that lead to the nickname "Sacchan".
Sarutobi's Song

Episode 23

Episode 23
Gintoki looks at the guide and sees Kintama and Sakata Kintoki listed.
Kintama in the TV Guide

Episode 25

Yorozuya HQ Episode 25
The Yorozuya crew begins to plan ways to waste time.
A Time-Wasting Tactic
Yorozuya HQ Episode 25
Death Note
Gintama Supports Death Note!

Episode 29

Informercial guy
The Informerical guy reminds you to watch tv in a bright room

Episode 30

Terakado Tsuu Episode 30
Single Terakado 3rd of Otsu.
Commercial for Otsu's Third Single
Shinpachi and Gintoki Episode 30
These guys are aware of it, too.
Less Omake Lately...

Episode 32

Yorozuya Episode 32
A Round of Applause for Gin-san and the Gang!
Applause for the team Yorozuya!

Episode 33

Hijikata and Kondou Episode 33
Ginpachi-sensei answers a question about when someone is considered a middle-aged man.
Teach us! Ginpachi Sensei!
Hasegawa Taizou Episode 33

Hasegawa Taizou Episode 33 01
Gintama. If the game was like this, wouldn't it be interesting? Or something like that.It's like Seaman. It's a game where communication is measured by talking with a Madao, and you support him until his unemployed self can find a job.The Madao will basically ignore you even if you talk from your side. That's because he's too busy with what he wants to do.Occasionally, there will be times when he's depressed. You might feel like cheering him up, but you shouldn't talk.

You must not say "Do your best!" The reason for that is because he's already giving it his all. Sometimes he'll play with a rope hanging from the ceiling. When that happens, rapidly press the B button to cut the rope. Occasionally, there will be times when he'll silently stare at the string hanging from the light, saying "Move... move!" When that happens, rapidly press the B button here, too. Sometimes a strange woman will come to his house. When that happens, shout "Change!" with a loud voice. ...In the end, "Change!" is all you can say.

If a Gintama Game was Like This

Episode 38

Yorozuya Episode 38
Happy New Year! from Yorozuya.
Happy New Year!

Episode 40

Gintoki and Sougo Episode 40
With the movie "Alien vs. Yakuza" coming out in theaters, the class studies about the difference between aliens and Amanto. They attempt to, anyway.
3rd Year Class Z Ginpachi-sensei

Episode 46

Umibouzu writes a letter to his daughter Kagura how he helped the "United Nation of Planets"battle against the "Alliance"
Gintoki Episode 46
Ginpachi-sensei teaches us how to draw Gintoki, Shinpachi, and Kagura.
Teach Us!! Ginpachi-sensei

Episode 47

Gintoki Episode 47
"Kanashibari", a feeling of paralysis that is said to be caused by a ghost. Gintoki wakes up from a bad dream but finds out he can't move an inch. Unable to even talk out loud, morning comes around and he hears Shinpachi arriving. Will they help out this poor main character?
Gintoki Gets Trapped in Sleep Paralysis

Season 2

Episode 57

Episode 57
Mutsu and her men meet up with some group from the Aoki corporatio in a secret location to bargain until some masked men steal both the goods and the money.

Episode 62

62 after credits b
Gintoki's friend take care of him after getting too many injuries from Otae's traps he wondered how he end up here.
Gintoki injured

Episode 66

Gintoki Episode 66
Sometimes Main Characters Die Too
Sometimes Main Characters Die Too

Episode 68

Gintama Episode 68
It's hot outside and no one wants to move. They decide to use this opportunity to take a break since Jump authors do it all the time. The entity behind the sponsor messages disagrees with their actions, and the show goes on.
Let's Take a Break

Episode 73

Gintama Episode 73
Otose hears about the complaints about the last episode, so she and Catherine decides to start up a new show in the fall.
Otose Takes Over
Ginpachi Episode 73
Ginpachi-sensei passes the baton to the show that airs after Gintama, but it seems like there's still time left in Gintama. Shinpachi notices that Ginpachi-sensei is trying to waste time, but sensei quickly changes the subject and continues on a little longer.
Sensei Gets the Ending Time Wrong

Episode 75

Yorozuya Episode 75
Gintama is entering the second season and the Yorozuya are glad they're still airing episodes. They want to go even higher, but have heard that the budget is getting a little tight.
Give Us a Higher Budget, Sunrise

Episode 81

Ginpachi Episode 81
Ginpachi-sensei announces that Onishi-kun will be transferring from the Gintama school to the One Piece school.
A Bit of 3rd Year Class Z Ginpachi-sensei

Episode 84

Episode 84
The Hard-Boiled Detective has a monologue to talk what it means to be "hard-boiled",

He then shows off 5 of his 'cases' until the last one when Gintoki ends it to start this episode

Hard-Boiled Detective Kozenigata Heiji

Episode 90

Sin city parody

In a 'Sin-City' like narrative style scene,Taizou narrates how he and Elizabeth end up in a hospital in the main episode.

Episode 91

Gintoki wakes up to find out he can't see himself or his clothes. Panicking, he hurries to wake up Kagura but Kagura's invisible, too!

Edo is Invisible

Episode 91

Kyuubei in samurai outfit 91

"Kyuubei in a samurai outfit and on a horseback reminds the viewers to watch tv in a bright room and never to sit closely to it

Episode 92

Yorozuya Episode 92

Gintoki Episode 92
It's the end of the year and the Yorozuya are relaxing under a kotatsu, talking about how fast the year has gone by. Shinpachi on the otherhand, shouts that it's still February and that there were still 11 months left. But this segment was written in December, and it takes a while to make anime. Shinpachi frowns at the staff's planning while Gintoki continues to talk about the state of the anime...

It looks like the anime will drag on for a third year. Gintoki predicts that lots of people will react to the anime's end and then they'll make a comeback in the golden time slots. Shinpachi thinks that it's an absurd dream. Good DVD sales don't matter because no money is made, and Gintoki blames Aniplex who tricks people into buying the DVDs. He also explains various plans to drag the anime until the third year since anime tends to catch up to manga. Each method doesn't seem to work for Gintama, so what's the one plan that no other has thought of...?

End of the Year
Gintoki Episode 92.jpg 00
The episode is over, but there's still time left over, so Gin-san hosts an Answer Corner. He answers questions about who cooks for the Yorozuya and how strong Shinpachi is. Somehow even a question about Lavi from D.Gray-Man made its way there...!
Answer Corner

Episode 94

Gintoki Episode 94
Gintoki wakes up realizing that the ceiling is missing, but more specifically the only thing there is the word "ceiling". The world is all white, and in a state of confusion he frantically wonders what's going on, especially with the floating boxes and words he sees! Even Kagura and the whole building has been affected!
Unfinished Gintama Episode

Episode 98

Gintoki Episode 98
Ginpachi-sensei answers a question about who Gin-san is based on.
A Bit of 3rd Year Class Z Ginpachi-sensei

Season 3

Episode 100

Yorozuya Episode 100
The Yorozuya crew talks a bit about the anime and welcomes the show to its third year!
Entering the Third Year

Episode 106

Episode 106
With an increase in the number of viewers, Shinpachi intends to bring them up to speed, and though Gintoki still feels the pain from losing the golden time slot a year and a half ago, he feels that spring has come for the show. But Kagura comes in to explain that the Prince of Tennis re-runs before Gintama had been popular so people were just leaving their TVs on...
The Story So Far

Episode 107

Episode 107
Ginpachi-sensei answers a question about how many people are in the Shinsengumi based on previous observations.
Teach Us!! Ginpachi-sensei

Episode 112

Katsura Episode 112
It's Katsura's birthday and he wishes a happy birthday to himself. He's very pleased with trying to take over the show, so he checks to see if the audience knows the answers to last week's quiz and reveals the answers, while trying Gintoki's patience.
Shinpachi, Tama and Kagura Episode 112

Tama becomes a super hero robot maid who protects the peace with her two allies, Shinpachi and Kagura!

Robot Maid, Tama 3

Episode 119

Gintama 119 a

Before the start of the episode Sougo gives a PSA on the dangers of smoking 

Got it?
In between commercial breaks there is a parody of dragonball recap showing the brief moments of the first half
Gintama 119 b
At the end of the episode A parody of Dragonball Next week preview has Hijikata enter a tournament to get some mystical cigarettes 

Episode 121

Gintoki Episode 121

Ginpachi-sensei answers a question about what the point of Gintama is.

Episode 121

Ginpachi-sensei answers a question about who paints the titles for each episode since whoever it is isn't listed in the credits.

Episode 123

Mosnter hunter online
A commercial for Monster Hunter online before the start of the episode
Monster Hunter Online Commercial
Episode 123
Kagura feels bad for cicadas since they die shortly after coming out of the earth, but Gintoki explains that cicadas might live their whole lives in the dirt and get to eat sushi every day, which Kagura feels a little irritated about.

Kagura feels bad for mosquitos who get swatted since all they wanted to do was to feed the babies in their belly, but Gintoki explains that mosquitos spit on you after having a meal, which Kagura feels a little irritated about. Kagura feels bad for Madao who is desperately trying to reach a 100-yen coin from underneath a dispensing machine, but what excuse does Gintoki give for him?

Gintama's Memories of Summer Vacation

Episode 124

Kyuubei Episode 124
Kyubei blows her nose into a tissue and aims for the garbage can, saying if it doesn't go in she'll die.
3rd Year Class Z Ginpachi-sensei
Gintoki Episode 124
Ginpachi-sensei discusses with the class about how the third is always the worst. And here they are in the third year of the Gintama anime. Kondo thought that Home Alone 2 was horrible and Ginpachi-sensei provides a reason for it. Hijikata thought that Dragon Quest 3 was the best one and also finds a flaw in Ginpachi-sensei's logic which Ginpachi-sensei defends.
3rd Year Class Z Ginpachi-sensei

Episode 129

Kagura Episode 129
Ginpachi-sensei answers a question from Sorachi Amachi Hideaki about how Kagura can run along the beach in the sunlight during the ending song when she is from the Yato Clan. Amachi says he draws manga and often forgets to draw the umbrella, but is this all right to do?
Teach Us!! Ginpachi-sensei

Episode 136

Episode 136
Due to some scheduling problems, they're short one episode so the Yorozuya are supposed to freely talk until the staff finishes something. But there are concerns about using a still picture for a long time because foreign countries won't understand unless it's animated...
No Episode Today

Episode 138

Kanemaru battles against Stainless Boy.
The scene when Kanemaru first encounterGintoki is a parody of the first scene from Episode 3 when Shinpachi first encounter Gintoki

Episode 144

Episode 144
Gintoki delivers an important message from TV Tokyo: "The current analog broadcast will be ending on July 24, 2011, and will be switching to a terrestrial digital broadcast. After that, analog televisions will require a digital tuner to work properly."

Shinpachi realizes that their TV will stop working too, but the others don't think it'd matter because they believe... the anime won't last until 2011.

TV Tokyo Message

Episode 145

Yorozuya Episode 145 00

Gintoki Episode 145 00
It's the end of the year and the Yorozuya are relaxing under a kotatsu, talking about how fast the year has gone by. Shinpachi on the otherhand, shouts that it's still February and that they were having the exact same conversation as last year. Gintoki admits that it's recycled footage, but the anime staff had been working hard and it has been nothing but battles every week like other Jump anime. Gotta put in a break or they go over budget. Shinpachi frowns at the talk of money on TV while Gintoki continues to talk about the state of the anime...

It seems the anime was supposed to end in March, but Gintoki says that Season 3 ends in March and Season 4 starts in April. Shinpachi feels tricked by the "Final Chapter" stuff earlier. Gintoki blames the people who fall for the covers and buy the DVDs, and tells us to stop buying them. He also explains the various routes that many anime take if it catches up to the manga too quickly as well as their consequences, and announces that Gintama will be using a kind of alternate route! What kind of route is it...?

End of the Year

Episode 146

After the episode, A calm and peaceful scene has Hinowa serving tea to Gintoki while looking at the sun
Episode 146
Ginpachi-sensei answers questions about the color of Kamui's hair and the title of the Yoshiwara in Flames arc.
Teach Us!! Ginpachi-sensei: Yoshiwara in Flames Arc

Season 4

Episode 151

Kintoki Episode 151
The Land of the Hosts. There was once a time when our town was called by that name. The Shinjuku skies where Japanese hosts once drove their dreams are now filled with words spoken by foreign hosts. However, there were two men... the enigmatic vagrant, Sakata Gintoki and the former No. 1 host, Buttchin Shinpachi. Now, the two men run through the dirty town of the night.

A group of male hosts are playing a drinking game with female cheetah Amanto. Shinpachi brings some wine but accidentally spills some of it, which angers one of the hosts. He gets punched for it but one of the Amanto seems to forgive him and requests a light for her smoke. Shinpachi walks over but gets tripped by her, falling onto the table. The male host grabs Shinpachi by the hair and is ready to teach him a lesson, until...

New TV Show "Kintama": Episode 1

Episode 152

Kagura and Sadaharu Episode 152
Shinpachi describes the man he saw as the Konjikiyasha, or the "Golden Demon". Shinpachi begs Kin-san to join him in his quest to be number one. They have a brawl with the other hosts, and are met by Kagura who will grant their wish upon serving her. Word gets around, and the rest of the Kintama cast begins to move.
New TV Show "Kintama": Episode 2

Episode 153

Kagura and Shinpachi Episode 153
In a hospital bed, Shinpachi describes a happy dream he had, but is strucken with grief by not being able to become the number one host. Kagura is in tears, and Kintoki is listening from nearby. Shinpachi exasperates about his buttchin and almost goes out of control, while Kintoki silently walks in the rain through the streets of Kabukicho.
New TV Show "Kintama": Episode 3

Episode 154

Yorozuya Episode 154
Kintoki tells him to get a chin job if that's the reason for not becoming the number one host. After some time, Shinpachi has bandages covering his whole face, and it seems the surgery was successful. Kintoki and Kagura tells him to take the bandages off!
New TV Show "Kintama": Final Episode

Episode 155

Episode 155
Gintoki delivers a message from TV Tokyo but it seems they didn't ask him to today.
TV Tokyo Message ...Again?

Episode 156

Elizabeth and Katsura Episode 156
In a parody of old silent films,Katsura requests Elizabeth to buy shampoo at a sale as he is unable to freely go out in the streets,Elizabeth journeys out on the streets of Edo on a quest for shampoo!
Elizabeth's First Errand

Episode 157

Episode 157
Tamori Tamo-san hosts a show and invites Terakado Tsu to talk about her new single. They're suddenly out of time so they cut her time short, which she can hardly believe.
The Tamo-san Hour: Is It Good to Laugh?

Episode 158

Sadaharu Episode 158
Tamo-san notices that it's the same audience and realizes that they're recycling footage. Tamo-san invites Sadaharu to come who was introduced by Makocchan-san. But to his shock, Tamo-san didn't realize that Sadaharu was a dog and is unsure about how to conduct an interview. Surely it'll be fine, right Tamo-san? Right?
The Tamo-san Hour: Is It Good to Laugh?

Episode 159

Episode 159
Even the singers of Tamo-san's show are getting tired. Tamo-san cuts to commercials as soon as the show returns from commercials, and the unpleased Yorozuya are spotted in the crowd. Tamo-san cuts to commercials once more after a few words, which infuriates the Yorozuya. Tamo-san almost does it again but is told that they're out of commercials to use, so he cuts to Gintama instead.
The Tamo-san Hour: Is It Good to Laugh?
Episode 159 00
Ginpachi-sensei answers a question about what kind of music Gin-san likes and brings up the time when he sang a song badly in Episode 133. He decides to tells us what Sougo likes too.

Ginpachi-sensei also answers a question about what the Gintama manga editors do for the anime since their names were found in the ending credits.

A Bit of 3rd Year Class Z Ginpachi-sensei

Episode 160

Yorozuya Episode 160
Even the singers of Tamo-san's show are getting tired. Tamo-san cuts to commercials as soon as the show returns from commercials, and the unpleased Yorozuya are spotted in the crowd. Tamo-san cuts to commercials once more after a few words, which infuriates the Yorozuya. Tamo-san almost does it again but is told that they're out of commercials to use, so he cuts to Gintama instead which brings satisfaction to the Yorozuya.
The Tamo-san Hour: Is It Good to Laugh?

Episode 162

Episode 162
Gintoki can't tell the difference between shiruko and zenzai (both are sweet red bean soup but prepared differently) and compares the differentiating problem to real life people. Kagura on the other hand can't tell the difference between Gintama and Kintama.
Shiruko and Zenzai

Episode 163

Episode 163
Ginpachi-sensei passes the baton to the show that airs after Gintama like usual. He eventually realizes that the following show already ended so he gets a little embarrassed. Ginpachi-sensei tries again with another show, but the main issue was the leftover time in the current Gintama episode. All the extras lately were added so the anime wouldn't catch up to the manga. Gin-san thinks up a new extra but wanted to save it for next week when the new ending song began. Tamo-san's show starts up again. Shinpachi said that the whole purpose of that show was to re-introduce characters that hadn't shown up in a long time, which it failed to do.

Gin-san brings up the "Soul Reaper Encyclopedia Silver" and talks about the apple-eating Soul Reaper that wanted to take Taka-chin's soul... Shinpachi catches him on his plagerism. They try once again and this time they bring out the Illustration Corner. The first one is from a four-year old drawing their favorite scene. Upon seeing it, Shinpachi thinks it's incredibly suspicious. But before it could go on, Kagura notes that they're finally out of time.

New Extra Corner

Episode 165

Kagura and Gintoki Episode 165
Live-action Gintama!? Well, kind of.

Episode 167

Tama tv warning to the viewers
Tama gives a TV warning advisory to the viewers while blasting a big hole in Gintoki's Flat
You have been warned
Gintoki Episode 167
Ginpachi answers a question about how to draw Gin-san's dead-fish eyes, normal and serious.
A Bit of 3rd Year Class Z Ginpachi-sensei

Episode 168

Episode 168
Gintoki enters a password so they can do a quick recap of the previous episode. Since no password wasn't given last episode, he enters something random and a completely different game starring 8-bit Tama begins.
Continue from Last Week with a Password

Episode 170

Ep 170

An After-Credit scene shows the Leukocyte King after regaining his throne leads his army against another army of leukocytes

NOTE:This is based on the tankobon version of Lesson 251

The Adventure continues

Episode 177

Yorozuya Episode 177
Stop jumping on the bandwagon!
Pirameki... Gintama Gymnastics?

Episode 179

Episode 179
Ginpachi-sensei answers a request to take someone in as a student in order to improve his drawing skills.
Take Me As Your Student, Ginpachi-sensei

Episode 181

Episode 181
An announcement of a Benizakura Arc Gintama movie using the previous trailer from Episode 75. The Yorozuya have a little chat about its authenticity with their BG-only scene.
Benizakura Arc Movie Announcement

Episode 182

Popualrity poll
To celebrate the upcoming movie and DVD sales,The Yorouzuya again in CGI form conducted the second popularity poll contest
Popularity contest time

Episode 190

Yorozuya Episode 190
Yorozuya wish you happy new year.
Happy New Year!

Episode 192

Gintoki and Kagura Episode 189
A commercial for the Benizakura movie using clips from the actual movie with Prince Hata instead of shinpachi which angers him but the other yorozuyo member didn't mind.
Benizakura Arc Movie Commmercial

Episode 193

Episode 193

Gintoki Episode 193
It's the end of the year and the Yorozuya are relaxing under a kotatsu, talking about how fast the year has gone by. Shinpachi on the otherhand, shouts that it's still January and that they were having the exact same conversation 3 years in a row. Gintoki admits that it's recycled footage, but the anime staff had been working hard and they also had the movie to work on. They're used to slacking after four years. Shinpachi frowns at the whining behind the scenes while Gintoki continues to talk about the state of the anime...

Wait, the anime is ending in April? Shinpachi didn't remember stuff that was said a year ago. Gintoki explains the number by the episode title, and reveals that the numbers had been there week after week since the countdown episode. Gintoki doesn't like having a movie right after the show ends for various reasons and also doesn't want people to be fooled by the tickets. From there, even though he warns the audience to not be tricked by it, they air a short commercial for the movie that also states the anime's end.

End of the Year

Episode 194

Kamui Episode 194
These three episode are about Kamui after transferring from the Harusame school to the Yato school located in the same district as the Gintama one. In his class, Umibozu is the teacher of a room of Ungyos and a lone Abuto who interacts with Kamui and narrates the beginning of each segment. Abuto, who has apparently failed 8 times, also points out that the new ending shows him as the only one who doesn't graduate.
BE-BOP Kamui-kun
Gintoki Episode 194
Ginpachi-sensei answers a question about what to do with a Madao uncle who tried to use one of Mutaito (or Muten Roshi)'s moves on him.
Teach Us!! Ginpachi-sensei

Episode 199

Gintoki and Kagura Episode 199
Gintoki asks what the "New Translation" stuff is about and scorns at the adults and their intentions behind it. Just so the audience doesn't have to look back to find out what happened, they try to recap the good parts in their own words. As time goes on Gintoki and Kagura seem to forget the main plot.
Digest of the Benizakura Arc

Episode 200

Kagura and Gintoki Episode 200
Kagura explains step-by-step the right method to ask for a Christmas present. You mustn't be direct for various reasons. Give little pushes with words once the signs of victory are close...
How to Ask for Christmas Presents


Episode 202

Gintoki Episode 202
Gintama is back-Shinpachi recaps the prologue of the story until Gintoki and Kagura shuts him up
Gintama is Kind of Back in 16:9

Episode 206

Omake ep206-1
The Meaning of Gintama'-Ginpachi stops the intro to teach us that the extra symbol on the logo doesn't change anything.

Episode 209

Omake ep209-1
Gintoki was about to say something about the episode but was completely censored

Episode 224

Omake ep224-1
Opening Theme Accident-The Yorozuya are injured at the end of the opening theme  

Episode 227

Gintama And Sket Dance

Sket dance (gintama style)

Both eyecatches of two shows Gintama and Sket dance switch styles

Omake ep227-1
The Next episode is shown in the style of Sket Dance Next episode preview which is the second part of the gintama/Sket dance crossover

Episode 232

Omake ep232-1
Cancelled Segment-A segment was originally planned, but something else happened which resulted in a message that had to be recorded and replaced 3 days prior to the airing of the episode

Episode 237

Omake ep237-1
Live Action Gintama!! Take Two!!

Episode 243

Omake ep243-1
Chageth Note Anime-The anime adaptation of Chageth Note 

Episode 249

Omake ep249-1
Shinpachi Visits the World-Shinpachi, in his glasses mode, visits various places in Tokyo and complains about his lack of screen time 
Omake ep249-2

Pandemonium in the Air-Shinpachi is depressed by the loss of Pandemonium. But suddenly, what does he find in front of him?

Episode 251

Omake ep251-1
Happy New Year!
Omake ep251-2
Omake ep251-3
New Year Greetings-Yamazaki takes on the first calligraphy of the year! What did Yamazaki write?

Episode 252

Omake ep252-1
The End of the Year... Once More            

Gintama': Enchousen

Episode 257

Gintama 257
The Yorozuya announce to the viewers that the movie has been delayed to Summer instead of spring which Shinpachi thinks that it's not something to celebrate about.

Episode 258

Gintoki complains that One piece movie is released on winter,Hunter X Hunter and Dragonball Movie release on Spring,While their upcoming movie is about to be released on Summer. Kagura suggest they should ask TV Tokyo to make a double bill with a Pokemon movie which Shinpachi thinks that the idea is ridiculous

Episode 259

The Yorozuya are ready to be excited for their upcoming movie this summer but Gintoki and Kagura are actually waiting for the Pokemon movie which frustrates Shinpachi.

Episode 260

Shinpachi wonders when is the summer movie going to be released which Gintoki claimed that Summer is the period when the TUBE is active and believes that the movie will be released when Maeda feels about it

Episode 261

Gitnama 261
Gintoki allows the viewers to get a sneak peek at the storyboards for upcoming movie but instead it shows a paperclip on a desk

Episode 262

Gintama 262
Gintoki announce the viewers the title of the movie only to have some of it censored

Episode 263

Gintama 263
Gintoki announce to the viewers the title of the movie again but this time the censored parts are now mosaic

Episode 264

Gintama 264
The movie finally reveals the title as Gintama: The Movie: The Final Chapter: Be Forever Yorozuya and that it will be the finale of the anime series much to the shock of the main characters

Episode 265

The main characters are still in panic as they don't understand why the movie is the finale of the anime and thinks that the production crew are just joking.   

Gintama° (2015-2016) Season 5

Episode 266

Gintama ep 266
In a parody of Ryutaro Nonomura's press conference who cried for forgiveness for his political scandal,Gintoki apologized to the audience for not ending the anime series with the movie despite being "The Final Chapter"

Note: This segment was considered  controversial according to most of the shonen Jump Editors

Episode 267

Gintama ep 267
Gintoki returns to the same press conferance from the previous episode and introduce the current title for the season which is the same title but with "°"

Episode 271

Gintama ep 271
A fake preview shows a parody of Kuroko's basketball before the actual preview for next weeks episode  

Episode 272 

Gintama ep 272
A parody of Kuroko's Basketball Eyecatch appears before the commercial break
Gintama ep 272 b

Gintoki write a letter  to Sorachi asking about the identity of an unknown rebel who was along with the Jouishishi.

Episode 276

Teacher Ginko
Ginko Sensei answers a question on what a female Hasegawa Taizou looks like
Right,It's time for 'Ask Ginko Sensei'

Episode 282 

Gintama ep 282 a
At the end of the episode a parody of Saint seiya's ending credit with the seiya characters replaced with lookalikes of the Gintama characters
Gintama ep 282 b

Until Bandai Namco pictures gets a call from the copyright agency 

Episode 291

Omake ep232-1
The Yorozuya decided to celebrate not only their return to TV, their change to a different studio as well as a confirmed third course by doing a recap of the past episodes. But they change it up
Gitnama 290-1
The first recap introduce the trio of Gintoki, Ginko, and Hijikata-as-Gintoki. Gintoki cries out why this paradox happened; Ginko responds that his other selves became very popular and in high demand. It ends up devolving into a shouting match between Ginko and Hijikata-as-Gintoki with Gintoki awkwardly trying to stop them.
Gitnama 290-2
The second recap introduce the trio of Gaia, Mash, and Ortega, a powerful group of Gundam pilots from the original Mobile Suit Gundam. Gintoki abruptly cuts it short, asking why Kagura suggests it. She thought that it could be a chance to ask them why they changed studios although she realizes it might not work.
Gitnama 290-3
The last recap introduce Sadaharu, Dozaemon, and Gorilla Hideyoshi, it ends up becoming unintelligible; Gintoki angrily asks why Dozaemon is talking like a cat.
They ended up doing a 30-second recap and thanking the audience, introducing the third course.

Episode 292

Gintama ep 292
After the new opening,Shinpachi apologies to Gintoki and Kagura and tells them he will go back to his old clothes.

Episode 297

Gintama ep 297 b
A sneak preview for the upcoming Shogun Assasination Arc 

Episode 306

Ginpachi sensei

Ginpachi-sensei says that doing the segment is very inappropriate, but they're doing it anyway.He answers a question why one flash back scene from the Retelling Benizakura Arc movie remains silent Ginpachi-sensei attempts to answer this question sayign that  young gintoki accidentally pooped his pants and that his sensei gives him a paper to wipe it. 

"Yeah, we're actually doing

Ginpachi-sensei here"

Episode 311

An adaptation of Lesson 481-Essay Manga Are Easy to Draw aired after the main episode


Episode 317

The Yorozuya are moving into the late night time slot and continue the anime

(NOTE:It was revealed that the object Kagura is holding is actually a 'Limiter' which was used by the character Saiki Kusuke from a jump anime 'The Disastrous Life of Saiki K',It was evident when the same clip is shown at beginning of the Saiki K anime season 2 premiere)

Episode 322


The scenes where Gintoki in the past with Sakamoto, Katsura, and Takasugi was replaced by Pakuyasa when Gintoki tries to tell the viewers that's not him until the last scene cause  Gintoki to loose his calm and rants on the studio for ruining his scenes for comedy until he was interupted by the preview

Episode 328

328 low quality

1 b

Shinpachi is excited for the upcoming final arc anime but Gintoki and Kagura tells him it's not ready yet,so they announce to  the viewers a rerun series of past episodes called  Yorinuki Gintama-san while showing them a preview of the upcoming live action movie which was actually the live action actors voicing their roles in the anime ,The segment ends with Gintoki lipsynching his live action actor Shun Oguri picture telling the viewers to watch the rerun series along with the live action movie in July

Gintama. Porori-hen (2017)

Episode 329

Gintama returns
Shinpachi is narrating the recap of the story which then rips off  other Shonen Jump anime series and blames Gintoki and Kagura who are the reasons for ruining it.He tells them the series is entering it's 'slip arc' before the final arc  and advice them to be themselves while he considers himself  "his live action actor Masaki Suda in 3D" the latter irritates Gintoki and Kagura they hit him with their kick and then Gintoki shouts to the director to start the anime.

Episode 331

Epsiode 331
Ikumatsu narrates her past with her late husband when they share three bowls of Ramen with a mysterious old person every year. 

Episode 334


A scene shows how Senbee kills a random Joi Rebel

Episode 336


Sneak peek to 'The Bloody Shinsengumi records'..

Episode 339

Epsidoe 339

A Girl who is standing next to Kagura in front of a tv shop are watching Otsuu's latest performance when she asks her how the idol group HDZ48 has influenced Otsuu after they are disbanded ,Kagura answers her that their idol group didn't disband they live on in her's and Otsuu's hearts.