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Also known as (マムシの蛮蔵 mamushi no banzou), aka Banzou the Viper and "the plant Boss". The originator of the Justaway explosive.

He used to work in a government office as a cop [1] but got laid off, and he became a terrorist in his bitterness. He started a factory, taking in displaced and bitter samurai who also wanted revenge. The factory acts as a front for the manufacture of Justaway, which is actually a bomb. Yamazaki Sagaru was sent here as a spy to uncover more about the mysterious Justaway in Episode 32. It turned out that the factory also manufactured heavy artillery like the Mamushi-Z laser cannon.







  1. Sorachi Hideaki, Gintama, VIZ media, Vol. 7, Lesson 52, page(s) 52.

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