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The Amanto (星天人, lit. Starry Sky People) is a name referring to the different species of aliens that exist in the universe of Gintama. The Inuisei were the first Amanto to visit Japan twenty years before the present, demanding that the country open up to them. The 12th Shogun collapsed from anxiety and the 13th Shogun Tokugawa Sada Sada had to replace him, conceding to the aliens' demands. Unfortunately, this lead to some of the people accusing Sada Sada of betraying the country and sparked a decade-long civil war between the government/ Amanto alliance and the rebels collectively called Joui. Although the rebels did well, thanks to strategic attacks by the alliance along with the Amanto's advanced technology, the rebels lost the war.

Thanks to the Amanto's victory, the world of Gintama's Edo is a mix of (real life) late Edo period, modern day, and the future with the advanced technology. Many Earth characters note that due to the Amanto living in this world, they had brought an end to Japan's views of the Samurai.

Tokugawa Sada Sada explained with the country opened, Samurai accused the Bakufu as traitors for selling out their country. The relationship between Amanto and Bakufu were deteriorating and this caused a long civil war called the Joui War. Against their superior technology, the samurai had no chance of winning.

When War is breaking out, the Amanto intervene the government. The Tendosu helped the Bafku set up the Kansei Purge. There were major decline to Joui movement because they mercilessly hunted down remnants of Joui Patriots.


There are countless Amanto races shown that go unnamed but the ones shown in Gintama:

Inuisei Amanto
Yato group
Yato Tribe
Hedoro mug
Dakini Tribe
Kujaku-hime mug
Shinra Tribe
Elizabeth fullbody
Renho Tribe
Placeholder other
Genbu Tribe

Mahha-noriko mug
Express Amanto
Royal Amanto
Placeholder other
Chatoran Amanto
Gorilla Amanto


  • This event is based on Japan's forced opening of its borders after two centuries and a half of isolationism by the more advanced country of the United States, followed by the European nations during the mid 1800's.

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